Swiss Field Maintenance Kit

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*NOTE: The contents of these kits vary*

Swiss maintenance field kit, this is a boot cleaning kit and clothing repair kit. Even if the contents vary, you'll be sure to end up with a kit that can keep your boots up to standard.

Made from heavy duty waterproof canvas.


  • Brushes of various size
  • Cotton real with cotton*
  • Boot nugget and cream*
  • Some buttons, string, and cloth.

Size Folded: 18cm x 17cm x 9cm
Condition: Used/Very Good - Item has clearly had some use. There may be marks and signs of wear, but still lot's of life left. If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Almost worth the buy just for the neat packaging.

Contents vary and some pockets may come empty. The kit is very well put together though, fits whatever you may need for boot/leather/other maintenance. The case is my favoured part of the item! Very nice quality - Highly recommend!

Easily the best toothbrush I've had the pleasure of using, Swiss toothpaste is somewhat unpleasant however . . .

Interesting kit

As others have mentioned, the language barrier is an issue but its not difficult to work out what the bits are used for. My kits larger brushes look a little worse for wear looking like the had been stored somewhere hot as the bristles were degraded although only one had been used, the little ones look brand new, plenty of room to replace brushes etc and add extras if you feel the need; over all its a great kit and the sewing kit is awesome...

Good purchase

Got one and it had most things mentioned except for the boot nugget, but that's fine as it still had the unopened boot cream. Only thing is if you don't speak French you might have to google what the brushes/waxes/creams are for. Some of the brushes may have been used and you wouldn't want to use for example a brush that has boot wax on it on your jacket or hat. If you happen to get an unused set, use them as you please or just refill the pockets with whatever else is needed on your maintenance kit!

So handy

Not spending much time in Swiss fields at the moment? No worries! This is still a very handy kit to have around. Especially if you can read German or French, in which case you might be able to tell what each item is actually for.

My kit contains giant toothbrushes, which are great for squeezing out some of the black paste from the little metal tubes and applying it to my boots. Caution: not very good for your teeth.

It also has three large brushes, which are great for brushing dirt off the boots, getting the ultimate shine on that polish or brushing lint off the clothes. Take care to dedicate just one brush to each action though.

The little wooden doll full of sewing needles is also pretty cool, and all those buttons would be awesome for the Swiss uniform I don't wear. Time to buy some more OD stuff so I can use the buttons!

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