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It's hard to find a more sturdy and hard wearing pair of boots then these Swiss combat boots. They are quality built, made to last and can take a serious bashing. Dated around the 90's, these may be an older pair of boots, but they still have a long, long life ahead of them. According to Swiss training manuals, it's recommended to clean and polish your Swiss Army Boots at least once a month, especially during regular use. In addition, depending on the climate you're in, it's suggested to apply a layer of wax or spray-on water repellent to your boots.

For outdoor activities this boot is second to none. Comfortable and durable, they're sure to get you to your destination. These boots are fantastically sturdy and offer good overall protection without sacrificing comfort. If you plan on going hunting or airsofting/paintballing, then this boot has you covered too.


  • Tough, sturdy material
  • D-Ring shoe lace loops
  • Genuine Swiss surplus
  • Flexible lace area

Sizing: For more info on sizing, check our sizing guide and scroll to footwear.
Weight: 1.6kg
Colour: Black
Condition: Used/Very Good - Item has clearly had some use. There may be marks and signs of wear, but still lot's of life left. If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
R&K Gibson
Swiss combat boots

Ordered and a couple days later they arrived.. They are perfect. Awesome condition. I'll wear them in the Bush, chainsawing firewood + out and about they'll go great with my skirt and my jeans... Bloody beaut.. Thanks heaps I'll be back..

Justin Thompson
Swiss combat boots

Thank you Army and outdoors. My boots arrived today. These might as well be brand new. Definitely recommend them. It might take a bit to break them but worth it. Thank you again.

Philipp Hugentobler
swiss soldiers Perspective

As of writing this review I‘m currently in the swiss army and was issued these boots. I prefer these over the 3x more expensive new KS 19 leicht. Really comfortable once the soften up. Good in warm weather and ok in colder weather. Wouldn‘t use them as winter shoes or in heavy rain. If you‘re going to buy these I recommend getting some shoe grease and clean them at least once a week or before storing them. The grease makes the leather a lot softer so be generous in the beginning.
I was the last year of soldiers that these were issued to and I‘m sad they‘re going away. Amazing shoes for 80$

Solid pair of combat boots!

My pair arrived today. Arrived within 3 days, very fast shipping and was updated as to the whereabouts of my new boots every step of the way!

Overall boot's are very decent despite being second hand. Aside from a few scuffs and scrapes (which were disclosed when I brought them so it's cool) they were in excellent condition and when I polished them the scuffs and scrapes disappeared anyway and they turned out beautiful. And when I tried them on I was amazed at the level of comfort and security my feet felt when walking around. The boots feel very solid and not sloppy or loose at all. Alot of eyelets also to make the shoe tight with the laces. The sole was also slightly padded which adds for comfort the boots also have good ankle and heel support and any flexing of your foot in the shoe feels fine and supported.

Honestly overall these are a fine pair of boots and if you look after them I believe they will last a long time 10/10 very happy. Always a pleasure to buy from Army and Outdoors once again. 👍

To who evers reading this grab yourself a pair and see what I mean.

The Redemption of a Landlocked Nation

I never used to trust Switzerland,
They sell me cheese that is riddled with holes, then charge me a fortune for a watch that only works slightly better than an imitation, then bank the profits off my naivety in a frigid tax Haven, then they make pocket knives with draconian tools on them, and guard the Pope in rediculous jester outfits while keeping all their hi tech tactical gear hidden in the Vatican armoury...
But then I bought these boots!!
No holes where holes shouldn't be
No diamond encrusted price tag
No laundering required
No draconian obsolescence
No religious leadership protection unit disguised as a clown with a hidden machine gun...
Just excellent quality, comfort and value. These boots are pretty close to indestructible.
They have outlasted several pairs of boots that were over twice the price.
Politically, they're definitely not neutral, more like mercenary, they're on your side as long as you wear them.
I would buy these again, but I probably won't need to.
Thanks Switzerland, I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot.

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