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A Boatswain's whistle or also known as a 'bosun' or pipe whistle, is historically a naval tool. This is because it carries further than a voice over the noise of the sea. Traditionally it was used to give orders, bugle calls and ceremonies. 

To use it simply blow into the end. The air is directed down the pipe and over the metal sphere. You can open and close your hand over the hole to change the pitch. The whistle comes with a key-ring that you can attach a lanyard to. 

Mil-Tec has made a faithful reproduction of the Boatswain whistle. These would be ideal for any young sea scout, emergency kits or even to make calls to others in the bush.


  • Unique Naval design
  • Able to change pitch with hand
  • Key ring attachment
  • Nickle-plated construction

Dimensions: 120mm L x 5mm W x 22mm H
Manufacturer: Mil-Tec
Weight: Approx. 23g
Content: Nickle-plated brass
Colour: Silver
Condition: New - Commercial New Product (Non-Military issue). If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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Customer Reviews

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Poor design and no instructions

Didn't come with any instructions for use. Even after watching numerous videos on the method, I could not get a decent whistle out of this. Further investigation makes it look like this is because the whistle itself is poorly made - with too much space between the windpipe and the bowl. Apparently you can fix it by melting candle wax and letting it cool in the bowl (effectively reducing the gap) but I haven't tried this and don't think it should be necessary.

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