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Officially called 'Liner, Wet Weather Poncho' but affectionately known as a 'Woobie', this is a much loved piece of kit. Made from a quilted nylon shell with a polyester batting, they are durable, compact and waterproof. But most importantly they help to keep you warm.

Considered by troops to be one of their most versatile pieces of equipment. This poncho liner can be used as a make-shift sleeping bag, shelter, blanket, camo hide or ground sheet. The eight ties - one each corner and side - allow you to attach it to a poncho or tie it to a tree for shelter. Grab yourself a woobie for a home emergency kit, camping or overnight hikes.


  • Genuine U.S. Army surplus
  • Ripstop nylon in a quilted pattern
  • Dries quickly when wet
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 8 ties around the corners and sides

NSN:  8405-01-547-2559
225cm x 160cm
Outer Shell: 100% Nylon
Batting: 100% Polyester
Colour: UCP (Universal Camouflage Pattern)
Condition: Used/Excellent - Item is near unused. There may be some minor signs of use or marks from storage. If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good as new

Quality piece of gear in great condition. Won't disappoint and will survive pretty rough use.

Pete Wheeler
Great bit of kit

First impressions of a woobie are usually that there is no way this lightweight, flimsy thing will keep me warm. However first impressions are often wrong, not only will this quilt/blanket/sleep pad keep you warm it is remarkably robust. I have used mine in maimais on cold nights and been toasty, I used the one from my vehicle emergency kit when the car broke down and I spent a night 'surprise camping' on the side of the road, and I've snuggled up in one on the front porch while we watched the stars. They also make great picnic blankets and can be used as padding around breakable items (glass lanterns, electronics etc) in your emergency kit.

The reason there is no head hole, although having a seamstress or tailor add one is a popular modification, is that they are designed to be tied into the poncho with the attached straps and fashioned into a summer weight sleeping bag . Other mods include adding grommets to the corners to help turn it into a hasty shelter, adding two sided or 'gypsy head' press studs along the edges to allow for a more firmly connected yet less drafty sleeping bag or for joining two or more woobies together, adding open ended type zips or sewing olive drab cotton tape along the edges (sew across the tape at 3 to 4 cm intervals) to allow for paracord to be threaded through the tape, again for joining or forming a sleeping bag.

Warm blanket

Excellent condition, no head hole, so really a wrap around blanket with ties on the sides.

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