German Duffel Bag with Straps

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Julian Shaw
Great value and service

This duffle arrived soon after ordering. Mine was in perfect, barely used condition save for some ID markings made by a soldier. No milsurp musty smell or suspect stains. The bag is huge, somewhere around 90-100 litres and when filled is very barrel like in shape rather than long and sausage like. It is solidly constructed with good stitching and reinforcement webbing at loading points and utilises quality canvas that is very hard to find these days without paying high $$$ for. If you need a tough big bag to stow ALL camping or 4x4 expedition kit or a disaster "go bag" for your entire family then this duffle will do it with ease. Duffle has no shoulder strap or attachment points in ends but shoulder straps work well if you need to sling it over 1 shoulder. Worn in backpak mode it works as well as other milsurp duffle. At current price it is 1/3rd to 1/4 of the cost of similar sized barrel bags made from cheaper nasty synthetic materials (which in my experience all delaminate over time).

Rhys Jury
An incredible duffel bag

Excellent quality and durability. Made of a thick and strong canvas. Large buckles and straps as well, this bag will last forever, and is of very large size as well.

Customer Reviews

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