French F2 CE Camouflage Pants

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The French Army have issued a durable and practical trouser for their soldiers in case of a hasty retreat. These pants bear the popular CE (Central Europe) camouflage. The colours are similar to the U.S. M81 woodland camouflage but the large shapes in the pattern are distinctively French.

The construction provides the wearer with a comfortable yet durable experience with its poly-cotton fabric. Reinforced knees add extra durability to help you handle rough terrain. Two slash pockets and two cargo pockets provide ample storage for your necessary items. The belt loops will fit up to a 5cm wide belt. Pick up a pair for your next hunt, tramp, or paintball game. Or expand your collection with some more French F2 gear.


  • Genuine French Army surplus
  • Durable and comfortable poly-cotton fabric
  • Two slash pockets
  • Two Cargo pockets
  • Zip-up fly with waist button
  • Elasticated ankles

Sizing: Trouser sizes are measured by the circumference of your waist at the naval. For more information on trouser sizing, check out our sizing guide.
Content: 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton
Colour: CE Camouflage
Condition: Used/Good -  Item is well used. There may be marks/stains/scratches or repairs, but it is still in functioning order. If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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Tim Denby
Perfect... with a catch.

This is less of a review of these specific trousers and more of a review of Army and Outdoors' ordering process.

Firstly these French F2 CE pants are awesome. The first pair I received were in practically new condition and were made of a very durable material, reinforced in common wear spots (like the knees) and almost totally wind proof whilst being extremely comfortable. The size I received was Medium (88cm) in the "L" for "long" leg size and fit me perfectly. The shipping was also extremely fast and arrived in Napier in 2 days.

So naturally when they went on sale about a week later I ordered a second pair in the Medium (88cm) size. However the pair I received ended up being the Medium (88cm) "M" size and are unfortunately very short for my leg length and there was no way to know that this would be the case as there is no option to choose leg length when ordering.

Given how quickly certain products get snapped up here it seems silly not to be very specific with measurements and let customers order based on waist AND leg measurements in order to avoid time consuming and potentially costly returns. The German surplus even has a specially designed sizing system to avoid this confusion and is also listed amongst Army and Outdoors' sizing guide, yet it isn't utilised in the drop-down menus when ordering those products, which is odd.

I am going to attempt to return the "88 M" pair of trousers and if possible acquire an "88 L." The returns are free which is nice for the customer, but that just means that Army and Outdoors are spending money and wasting time when they don't need to and could just list the specific sizes. This would also mean items that are in high demand low in stock (like the German Tropentarn trousers) aren't being depleted unneccesarily.

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