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This combat shirt was issued to The National People's Army of East Germany for over 30 years. Starting in 1968, they were manufactured and issued up until 1990. The Rain Camo pattern (Strichmuster) was influenced by WW2 German designs such as Splittermuster and Sumpftarn. "Rain" refers to the camouflage pattern, this is not a waterproof shirt.

Issued to the NVA (Nationale Volksarmee) as a 'summer' shirt, though the fabric remains moderately heavy weight and rugged. The name is used to differentiate these from the winter shirts with liners. For storage on these shirts, you get two button down chest pockets. Two more button down pockets sit on either sleeve. Attachment of a liner is possible with buttons around and below the collar. The shirt features a button up front with storm flap and adjustable cuffs. A nice piece for a collector of Cold War era gear or combine it with more Strichmuster clothing for a complete airsoft uniform.


  • Genuine East German Army surplus
  • Rain camouflage pattern
  • Two cargo pockets with button fastening
  • Button-up fly
  • Partially elasticated waist with D-rings for suspenders
  • Adjustable cuffs

 Spacious fit, leaving room for a liner. Find your shirt size by measuring the circumference around your chest, just under the armpits. For more information, check out our sizing guide.
Weight: 0.7kg
Content: Cotton blend
Colour: Rain Camouflage Pattern (Strichtarn)
Condition: Used/Good -  Item is well used. There may be marks/stains/scratches or repairs, but it is still in functioning order. If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Philip Harris

The East Germans sure knew what they were doing when making this shirt. Comfortable to wear, breathable, functional as it has so many different pockets. I count 4: two chest pockets and two arm pockets (5 if you count the holster on left side of the shirt inside it). Number of pockets and their type (covered or uncovered) as well as their quality may vary from year to year as the East Germans had a letter code printed onto the inside of the shirt below the left chest pocket for the year each uniform was made from 1968 onwards. The letters are as follows: K=1968, Z=1969, M=1970, X=1971, B=1972 ,L=1973*, O=1974, S=1975, R=1976, A=1977, U=1978, F=1979, E=1980, G=1981, I=1982, C=1983, H=1984, T=1985, P=1986, L =1987*, Y=1988, N=1989, D=1990

Note the letter L is used twice, so if you get a shirt with the letter L, it may be from 1973 or 1987.

I wear it quite frequently and have had it for 3 months at the time of writing, and I've got zero complaints. Also came here very expediently, so another plus! Would recommend if you're assembling an East German battle dress Uniform like I am.


Jacket is in good used condition as listed. Lightly faded color looks great, no rips or tears. Large 104 fits me great I’m 6’1” 210lb and usually wear a men’s US 44 size jacket. Thanks from New Orleans!

Jesus Nativi
Excellent Quality and Condition

Original Strichtarn shirt. I recieved mine in excellent condition, no tears or stains. Fits me perfectly too and it's confortable to wear. It's a pretty unique camouflage that the average person doesn't even realize it's camouflage.

Found A Cool Cold War Hidden Pocket

I was just in the Auck store and bought one of these shirts off the rack. Great buy for $25. The shirts on the rack each had differences in design. Some had waist pockets and chest pockets, others had chest pockets only. Some had tabs on the rear of the shoulders (sort of like rank attachment points, but don't know what purpose they served). There were other interesting differences too. All were the same basic shirt and showed their varied service history and changing military needs during the cold war. I got my shirt home and found a hidden pocket. It is on the inside of the shirt and sits against the chest and is made of heavier cotton fabric than all the other pockets. The standard top left chest pocket sits on top of it. It is accessed between the storm flaps on the front which means it can be accessed even if the shirt is buttoned up. The pocket is in the shape of a small to medium frame semi-auto hand gun. It is a gun holster. How cool is that, lol?! An East European soldier, if captured and given a field search, can still have a hand gun hidden in his shirt. The guns shape is camouflaged by the shape of the items in his standard chest pocket sitting on top of the hidden pocket. The cold war Americans also were often trained in concealing items within their M65 Field Jackets. If you like, there is a youtube channel which shows some of it. Check out Blackie Thomas, pretty interesting stuff. Thanks for the great shirt and the little piece of surprise history that came with it.


Fits great and was in good shape - is truly better in person than in photos - only one problem- my son will absolutely snake it from my closet when I am at work - thanks

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