British PLCE Webbing Set

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*Note* Vast majority of these come with the plastic belt buckle, however the odd one may be the quick release metal hook buckle instead. These will be picked at random

This British DPM webbing set is quality made and is as robust as they come. The system features a variety of gear attached to a center yoke. Store a good amount of equipment in the 2 Large DPM utility pouches provided. Hunters and airsofters can utilize the handy twin mag pouches.

The machete sheath is quick to access, while the heavy duty web belt and quality yoke brings everything together. All of this gear can be moved around the system, to allow for a setup that suits the user.

Assembly required.


  • 2 Twin DPM mag pouch
  • Machete sheath 
  • 2 Large utility pouches
  • Sturdy web belt
  • Lightweight yoke


Pouch Dimensions:
Twin mag pouch - approx 17.5cm L x 19cm W x 9.5cm D
Utility pouch - approx 23cm L x 14cm W x 9cm D 
Machete sheath - approx 34cm L x 7.5cm W
Sizing: Sizes are based on the maximum adjustable length - ie. Large 120cm will fit a maximum waist size of 120cm and can be adjusted down smaller.
Weight: Approx 2.2kg
Pattern: DPM
Condition: Used /Good -  Item is well used. There may be marks/stains/scratches or repairs, but it is still in functioning order. If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ethan Baywood
Not As Good As The Photos

Was honestly in worse condition than depicted. There is still quality in this product, (the material is still usable and tough) but the pouches are obviously worn. Some of the smaller straps are very worn and the colour is nothing like the photos. Very faded and used.

Harrison Smith
Perfect for collecters

Great for the use I need it for my collection only a bit of damage to the belt and a bit of wear in some of the packs but that's what i was expecting for collecting overall though great and shipped fast.

Ethan Leslie
good webbing system

A great choice for anyone who is just wanting something reliable and tough. The universal mag pouches fit almost everything, and the utility pouches have great storage capabilities. There is a LOT of use in the gear though, which can be a turn off for some people. It is also very tedious and difficult to put together and with little information online on how to set it up properly, I would only suggest to people who are a little more familiar with webbing systems. Besides that, a very good webbing system

Good value way to get the basic elements

PLCE is much better designed than many other types of webbing. The quality of construction is also much better. The set I received was a mix of well used and new items. The well used stuff still had plenty of wear left. If you look at the typical prices of the components this is excellent value.

Good PLCE starter kit

This fits my 140kg+, 120cm waist frame, though if that worries you try it out in-store. The six-point harness makes it comfortable to carry. The package contained a water carrier pouch (no bottle) and a utility pouch (not 2x utility). This is a great setup as is, but the reason you get webbing is to customise it to your own needs. I wore mine for a while before deciding what other pouches I'll need. Only the utility and double mag pouch have the A shaped harness attachments so one of those are needed on each side of the body. I thought the double mag pouch would be useless, but they do hold a decent amount of stuff: One mag pouch fit 3x OSM bars with room for more kit. The Utility pouch was a bit bulky worn at the side. Presently I carry (from left-front anti-clockwise) Dbl-Mag, Water Carrier, Respirator Bag (butt pack), Water Carrier, Dbl-Mag. The kit also doesn't come with a strap to go through the lower pouch loops. This strap does a lot to tighten to reduce the pouches flapping about (it wasn't bad without the lower strap, but the difference makes it worthwhile). I tried paracord then bungy cord but ended up using a 170cm "Swiss Utility Strap With Buckle". Going through the Respirator Bag's lower loop only once close to the buckle means the respirator bag (as butt-pack) removes quickly to become a haversack without having to re-thread the strap through the other pouches. Overall, if you want PLCE, this kit is a great starter.

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