British Army DPM Hydration Pack

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The hydration pack is truly one of the most innovative pieces of kit for any outdoor enthusiast. Soldiers have, and still do, utilise these fantastic packs to keep them hydrated on the go. They're adjustable, refillable and damn convenient if you're out hunting, hiking and trekking.

Multiple buckles, an effective and stylish camouflage pattern, a lengthy fluid tube with insulation and mouth piece all add together to make an all round effective hydration pack.


  • Screw on lid
  • Removable bladder
  • Zip up storage pocket
  • Insulated tubing
  • Mouth piece
  • Various D-rings
  • 4 buckles
  • DPM camouflage
  • Genuine British army surplus

Literage: 3 liters 
Weight: 0.4kg
Pattern: DPM
Condition: Used/Very Good - Item has clearly had some use. There may be marks and signs of wear, but still lot's of life left. If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Solid Camelback

Different to pictured but actually a better design with a zipped flap over a larger filling cap.
Had some difficulty with the protective cap and mouthpiece coming off when attempting to uncap it to drink, a bit of araldite sorted that out lol. Still going to give it 5 stars because of how solidly built the thing is otherwise, and for the price it is a steal.

Very good pack

Brough this pack 2 days ago and arrived today. Very happy with the quality and functionality of this pack with all the clips and D rings attached, will definitely grt lots of life out of it. Thanks.

hydration pack

One of these arrived today. Its probably an older model than advertised, there are only 2 clips at the top to hang off a day pack yoke and no D rings on sides or bottom clips so it cant be attached to my shortback bergen, however it does have shoulder straps intact and working mouthpiece. Is very good condition with the bladder in good nick also. Thanks army and outdoors. Cheers, Paul.

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