Austrian Army Leather Y-Strap Suspenders

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The Austrians long continued using a 'Germanic' style of web harness long after the Second World War. These ones in particular were still being made right up into the 1970's! Although mostly functionally similar, the Austrians made a few improvements. The chief one is a badly needed bit of padding in the shoulders. Although leather webbing tends to last for ages, it isn't know for being comfortable! The rear strap and shape of the rings differ from the German versions, but otherwise function the same. So much so these will work with a Tornister pack, A-frame or even a East German Sturmgepack.

Weather you are making a Austrian Army web set or prefer near indestructible leather over say East German nylon - grab a set of these Y-strap suspenders!


  • Genuine Austrian Army surplus
  • Similar to German WW2 design (with some differences)
  • Hooks at the bottom to attach web belt
  • Lightly padded shoulder pads
  • Fully adjustable Y-straps
  • Hardy leather construction

Maximum adjustable length: Approx 114cm (measured from front hook all the way to bottom of rear strap)
Strap width: 2cm (at skinniest, lowest part)
Weight: Approx 0.6kg
Content: Leather straps, canvas padding & metal parts
Colour: Black
Condition: Used/Good -  Item is well used. There may be marks/stains/scratches or repairs, but it is still in functioning order. If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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