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This Swiss army M70 jacket was the pinnacle of quality and versatility for it's time. Issued from 1957 to 1983, this jacket was designed with a huge amount of storage, it's essentially a load bearing system on a jacket! Packed with pockets and pouches to minimize the need of cumbersome packs and bags. Magazine and grenade pouches sit on the chest, while larger pockets are placed around the waist area, perfect for gear and equipment. 

The M70 is loaded with handy features that made soldiers lives easier. A metal clip placed on the chest was used to carry helmets when not in use. Interior pockets contained weapon cleaning kits, saving storage space. Constructed from a heavy-weight cotton fabric, we estimate it to be around 300gsm. If you're a paintballer/airsofter, hunter or the like, you'll love this top quality jacket.


  • Shoulder epaulettes
  • Zip wrist cuffs
  • Metal clip for helmets
  • Button up storm flap
  • Left arm utility pocket
  • Three magazine pouches
  • Two large waist pockets
  • Canteen pouch
  • Back utility pouch
  • Very large back cram pocket
  • Interior waist pocket


Sizing/Fit: To find your jacket size, measure the circumference of your chest, just under the armpits. For more information on shirt sizes, check out our sizing guide.
Pattern: Swiss Alpenflage 
Content: Cotton
Condition: Used/Good -  Item is well used. There may be marks/stains/scratches or repairs, but it is still in functioning order. If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
It’s definitely got it’s uses

A handy addition to the wardrobe, this is absolutely as described, built to load up and carry stuff, lots of stuff. That hook on front is beside a chest pocket, absolutely perfect for clipping the car keys and stowaway in the pocket before heading out in the bush.These are an interesting fit, quite short in the body they end at your waistline which is ideal for mounting biking or motorcycle adventure riding. I also got the clip on back pack, just in case I needed more load bearing capacity….this is a quite heavy jacket, built very very well and strong, add load into the pockets and your looking at taking the entire jacket off to get into a car or go in for a sit down coffee, best just keep it on and keep walking or biking. Great service once again from the team at army and outdoors.

Excellent value classic

It's not my favourite jacket but it's the jacket I would favour for day hikes and hunting when I don't want to carry a backpack. It's comfortable and the fabric is tough and breathable. The pockets are massive and bellow out a lot for bulky stuff. I like the short front zip because you don't have to unzipp to take a piss or a dump. Just unpop the bottom button.
I'm short and stocky with a 46 chest but the large size fits me fine and the arms are a perfect length.
The hood and veil is handy for hunting and reinforced arm pads good for lying prone in scrub to take the shot.
It is a very heavy jacket and not waterproof but personally I don't worry to much about that if it saves me hiking without a backpack.
On balance I have to say I prefer the DPM 94 smock for comfort, pockets and fit but there are occasions for which the M70 would work really well. Hunting from an off road bike or quad.
I have way to many jackets as far as my wife is concerned but I need them all and each is perfect for certain kinds of work. I wouldn't drive a tractor wearing an M70, it would snag on things.
But it's a great jacket and if your a jacket fanatic then you just got to have one of these.

The Swiss army knife of jackets.

It's got more pockets than I have ever seen before. I bought it more out of curiosity than anything but it will get used. The weight of this jacket is considerable and pockets heavily reinforced by laminating the cloth. It's definitely very high quality manufacture. With a decent body vest underneath it will be a great winter jacket.
I prefer the pocket layout of the old DPM smock and its a more comfortable material than the alpenflage but this jacket is barely worn in and the cloth is still a bit stiff. I like the arm length and fit.
Fantastic value, get one.

Fantastic, warm and comfortable heavy jacket, definitely recommend

Swiss quality at its most practical - you can see how much thought and effort went into the design of this jacket. Super soft (chamois-like), comfortable cotton that's quite warm and pretty windproof. The amount of pockets makes it very flexible - I typically use it as an autumn/winter/spring fishing jacket or photography jacket, it means I can put all my fishing tackle and accessories into the pockets, alternately my DSLR, several lenses, filters, spare batteries.... If you manage to get the backpack (which I did), then you can put your food/drinks into that as well as a rain poncho or small umbrella or a small to medium camera tripod. My jacket arrived visibly faded (compared to a brand new one) still quite vivid. There were some repairs visible (if you looked closely) but it still has the integral face veil inside the (quite large) hood. I'm not a small person but I find the 112cm chest size (56 Euro size) still leaves me enough room for layering underneath (M83 Alpenflage shirt works well, as does fleece). I agree the sleeves are shorter than expected but in this size they are perfect for me. Being cotton it is quite a heavy jacket even when empty. Next step for me is to try and waterproof it with some Nikwax or similar.
As far as camouflage performance - check out the vids on YouTube, this is fantastic in any earthy, deciduous tree environment particularly if there are fallen leaves. I fish around Bright/Mount Beauty/Tawonga in North East Victoria and this pattern really blends in quite well.
Definitely recommend, it's a really comfy, warm jacket, grab one while you still can.

Absolution great

Just bought the jacket along with the pants, wool balaclava and field cap. All are very good quality and shipped quickly. Love the external protection and the warmth it provides. Very good

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