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This sun hat is a replica of the Zulu War type British Pith Helmet. Also known as the Colonial Pattern helmet. These were widely adopted in the British Empire during the mid-late 19th century. Troops would dye their helmets with tea or cover it in mud as a make-shift camouflage. This initiated the issue of a khaki pith helmet for use in tropical environments. 

Constructed from pith (Hart Wood) trees grown in the northern part of Vietnam, this is what makes it strong and protective and at the same time lightweight and comfortable. 
Furthermore, the absorbing property of this natural material provided the bonus feature of allowing the wearer to immerse the hat in water keeping him or her cool during evaporation. 
When dry, the helmet does not lose its stiffness or shape.

Has adjustable head band and chin strap. Fits small (size 7) and adjusts to fit X large (size 7 3/4)


  • Hand made in Vietnam
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Adjustable hook & loop interior
  • Lightweight construction

Sizing: Adjustable headband will fit most heads
Condition: New - Commercial New Product (Non-Military issue). If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Murray West

Comfortable, lightweight, cool - very cool! Well made and historically accurate. Fast professional service.

Murray West

Wow! The saying "best thing since sliced bread" is usually just hyperbole. Well, it certainly applies here. I am absolutely thrilled with this product. Ticks all the boxes for quality, value for money, and historical authenticity. Great service and fast delivery. Ordered it on Saturday and it arrived on Wednesday morning.

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