MUV Survivalist Water Filter

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The MUV Survivalist water filter is the ultimate piece of kit to have in the field with you. It can tackle various water filtration needs, be adapted on the fly to fit different receptacles or used to drink straight from the source.

The survivalist includes 3 detachable filters. Each one specializes in filtrating different threats from bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, parasites & more. If you know exactly what contaminants you are dealing with you can use just 1 or 2 filters in order to extend their lives when not needed. One of the handiest features is the adaptability of how you can use these to drink from. With various attachments you can drink straight from the source in a survival situation, hook up to a drink bottle/hydration pack or leave it with a gravity system over time.

For the serious survivalist these are a must have for a bug out bag or an emergency camping item. For such little weight & space, these could certainly be a life saver in the right scenario!


  • MUV1 Activated carbon fiber filter removes chemicals, heavy metals, discolouration & negative taste 
  • MUV2 Hollow fiber filter removes bacteria, protozoa & parasites
  • MUV3 Nanalum filter removes viruses, protozoa & more
  • Can attach/detach filters at will and use individually to suit user needs
  • Can be used in conjunction with hydration pack, with a gravity system & can thread onto a water bottle (only adapters included)
  • Can be used as a straw straight from the source
  • Lightweight & packs down small



  • MUV1 Activated carbon fiber filter (filters up to 150 gallons / 567 litres)
  • MUV2 Hollow fiber filter (filters up to 100,000 gallons / 37,854 litres)
  • MUV3 Nanalum filter (filters up to 90 gallons / 340 litres)
  • In-line hose connectors
  • Tubing and tube clamp
  • Straw mouthpiece & cap


Hose - 45cm L x 9mm diameter
Filters - 18cm L x 3.5cm diameter (all 3 connected, not including output attachment size) 
Weight: Approx 
Colour: High Visibility Orange & grey
Condition: New - Commercial New Product (Non-Military issue). If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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