Magnum Strike Force Composite Toe Boots

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Magnum Strike Force

Bought these to replace old work boots, bad soles were giving me back problem. First day wearing these in the warehouse and instant gratification. There was about a two day break-in period but that was nothing compared to some other boots I've worn. Sturdy and even outer sole with plenty of cushion, tight ankle support and padding and the composite toe is a big win over the usual steel toes. I took these boots to help do some work on my dad's property and they toughed the mud quite well. The mud that got on the non leather section cleaned off like nothing was there.

My only gripes I have are I find the Velcro zip fasteners come apart a bit easier than I'd like and secondly if I wear socks that aren't wool or bamboo then I will have to give the boots a good airing out as they like keeping in the sweaty foot stink. The upside to that though, is they air out very well and relatively quick.

All in all these are some great quality boots to beat around in as far as my 3 weeks of experience can say.

They have also been quite the eye catcher around home and the workplace if you're one to worry about the fashion side of your patrol/work boots.

Magnum strike force boots

These boots are flipping awesome ! Well made, very comfortable, lots of ankle support, hard wearing sole. Definitely a good purchase.

Magnum strike force boot.

Ok, so if you know me, then you'll know I got a boot addiction, and so far,these guys have been scratching my itch for a few years now. Lots of awesome styles of boots. Well these are no exception, there has been no rubbing or hot spots with only 2days being worn constantly. Great boots and great service!!

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