German Repro M34 Splinter Zeltbahn

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*Note* Sale is for a single Zeltbahn - no belt/pouches included. These are just for illustrative/context purposes

The German military was the first to utilize widespread issue camouflage print and it all started with these 'Zeltbahns' in the 1930's. The zeltbahn was a highly adaptable piece of equipment as well - it can be worn as a poncho, one man shelter, casualty litter, 4 piece tent or more! Each soldier was issued one and could snap his one together with other members of his squad forming a large tent, the sky really was the limit! 

Both sides are fully reversible in camo to suit your environment as well as each side having buttons to loop together either way. A single eyelet adorns each corner so you can mount a bivi pole or stick to erect a shelter. Made from cotton canvas these will keep a certain amount of water at bay but will eventually soak through with a heavy enough rain fall. A jack of all trades, master of none design that could be utilized for a wide range of tasks on a chaotic battlefield.

An essential bit of gear for anyone doing a WW2 German impression whether it be for reenactments, airsoft players, period film productions or even an adventurous camper!    


  • World War 2 reproduction
  • Fully reversible camouflage
  • Durable cotton canvas construction
  • Can snap together with others to create shelter
  • Wear as poncho
  • Metal rings at each corner
  • Buttons on both sides for reversible mounting
  • Water repellent (not fully waterproof however)


Dimensions: Approx 235cm x 195cm x 195cm
Weight: Approx 0.9kg
Content: 100% cotton. Metal rings and buttons
Colour: Splinter camo
Condition: New - Commercial New Product (Non-Military issue). If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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Very good company to work with!! Shipping was pretty fast going from New Zealand to the east cost of the USA. I would purchase from them again. Excellent overall!!

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