German Olive Drab Poncho

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Easily one of the best ponchos around.  High quality rubber prevents any water from getting through. This poncho is a little weighty, but the payoff is a great rubber material that will protect you no matter the condition. The poncho has another trick up its water resistant sleeve too. 

The sides can be buttoned together, or you can attach it to another poncho, meaning you can make this into a portable rain shelter. You can also tie poncho liners to it too, making it very versatileMade from rubberized fabric, this is truly a must if there is going to be rain when you're headed camping, hunting or hiking.

Size: 160cm x 220cm 
Weight: 0.9kg
Condition: Used /Good -  Item is well used (There may be some very minor 'pinholes' that should not effect the overall performance of the poncho). There may be marks/stains/scratches or repairs, but it is still in functioning order. If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Had to grab one..

Not at all dissappointed. Very tough feeling material and will do all thet you could reasonably ask of it. 10/10.


I dont think a better poncho exists and I have a lot of ponchos

An outstanding piece of equipment!

After purchasing one of these for myself I purchased another for my daughter. They are the best all round wet weather gear I have encountered. They are robust and completely waterproof while being big enough to cover you and your pack. I have used one already as a tarp and ground sheet and it has held up well. The only down side is they are heavy, but the durability and versatility of the poncho more than makes up for this.

Brilliant Piece of Kit

Robust piece of kit that can be used as a tent, ground sheet, tarp or even a poncho. First ex army purchase that has brought smiles to the faces of all the family - its that good. Get one.

poncho villa
one of the best mil surplus buys ever

Writing reviews is not my strong point ,but...
I have used this out in the bush walking under a steady down pour it kept me dry, bar the bottom of my legs ended getting a bit wet ,
I did not sweat underneath that much probably due to it being really cold as it was starting to snow on the tops

compared to the miltec poncho that sell for a extra $20 (I own one ) .I'd recommend the genuine issue hands down over the miltec
as its better built and only 200 grams heavier and
folds down nearly as compact.
using a gotcha strap works really well to scrunch it up tight as .

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