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Consisting of our German Flecktarn gas mask pouch, Flecktarn canteen cover and a Flecktarn entrenching tool pouch held together by a sturdy Bundeswehr webbing system. A great base web-set for hunters, paintballers or airsofters.

The gas mask pouch serves as your main storage for the rig. With a waterproof internal lining it'll keep all your general storage safe while out in the field. Offering one main storage compartment with access in the form of flap that is rolled up and secured with a stretchable rubber strap & dome. This compartment measures approximately 35cm tall, 27cm wide and 14cm deep. Perfect water sensitive gear like binoculars, electronics or rations.

Finally, this rig is all held together by Bundeswehr webbing. German designed, so you already know it's going to be top quality. Stock standard 'H' design, is adjustable to make it fits comfortably. Truly a great piece of gear for anyone needing a solid harness.


  • Genuine German Army surplus
  • 1 x H-style harness
  • 1 x Web belt
  • 1 x Entrenchment tool pouch (entrenching tool not included)
  • 1 x Canteen pouch
  • 1 x Gas mask pouch (comes with shoulder strap for standalone wear as well)
  • Quick release clips & Spanish fly buckles
  • Rugged construction
  • Adjustable waist & height

Colour: Flecktarn Camo Accessories, Olive Drab Harness
Mag Pouches: 16cm H x 9cm W x 7cm D
Combat Pack: 26.5cm H x 26.5cm W x 16.5cm D
Harness: One Size Fits Most
Waist: Fits up to a maximum of 120cm and can be adjusted down
Condition: Used/Very Good - Item has clearly had some use. There may be marks and signs of wear, but still lot's of life left. If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

*Simple assembly required

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Steve Shallenberger
Nice set up

It is a good set up for people who use 7.62 platform firearms like a M1A, CETME C, G-3, FAL or AR-10. The gas mask bag is nice because it seems semi water proof. I got some G-3 pouches to complainant it.

A little too large for me.

If I wear something substantial it is alright though. No complaints, quite tidy

Very happy

I got this product for camping and hiking ect I am very pleased with the quality and how quick it shipped but the only thing that i was a little bit unhappy with one of the straps are damaged at the end of it and that made it a bit harder to attach it but all and all good product would recommend

Paul White
A great rig for a great price

I ordered this plus four more magazine pouches. Everything looks new to only lightly used. I like the rear pack to be mounted up between the shoulder blades..... from the location of a stabilizing loop on the pack, it appears to go there. I would recommend this to anyone!
(And, based on this, I would not hesitate ordering the rucksack!)

WOW!!!!! The one I received was like NEW!!!!

I ordered this along with 4 more G3 magazine pouches. I was AMAZED when I opened the package...... everything was brand new!!! After a bit, I got it all pieced together and adjusted. I determined that I like the pack attached between the shoulder blades. It appears to be made to go that way due to where the loop with a snap is placed. Altogether and loaded, it distributes the weight very nicely.
I would highly recommend!

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