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Here we have a genuine pair of US Police Handcuffs produced by the American Handcuff Company. They have been manufacturing handcuffs for the United States Defense Department and civilian law enforcement market over the last 30+ years. 

These are made of the highest quality full hard carbon steel and the lock parts are hardened and rust proofed. The handcuffs can pass all the way through the ratchet until the teeth are free on the other side. This allows quick unlocking of the handcuffs in an emergency situation. The cuffs are also chain linked so there is a bit of room flexing. This set comes with one key that unlocks each cuff so make sure to look after it!


  • US National Institute of Justice approval rating
  • Full hard carbon steel construction
  • 19 lock stops
  • Comes with one key that unlocks each cuff
  • Chain linked

 23cm long from tip to tip of the cuffs, including the chain.
Maximum Cuff Diameter: 7.5cm
Manufacturer: American Handcuff Company
Weight: 0.31kg
Content: Full Hard Carbon Steel
Colour: Silver
Condition: Used/Good

Customer Reviews

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Very high quality. Historically significant.

I have wanted a pair of REAL handcuffs since 1988, but held off for decades due to the amount of fauxs out there. This has only become even more of a problem, due to cheaper manufacturing and globalization of even real contemporary cuffs. These cuffs are the exception. I see them as the last classic, refined cuff. By this I mean they were made properly and they were made in America. Firstly they have steel riveted construction, and the rivets stand proud of their housings (most cuffs, even genuine ones are one piece these days and are mass produced affairs, with one serial number if your lucky, usually on the ratchet bar, which can come off due to friction with the ratchet rail). There authenticity is topped off with a genuine serial number, and if that weren't enough, a unit/issue number. Any study of quality padlocks reveals hardened steel rust proofed cylinder locks mean real quality and longevity- they cuffs were made to last. They also have the Manufacturer and city of issue Wisconsin (both written in classic cursive writing, with the later written in Latin). The writing, numbers and riveted construction not only add to the confirmation as to there authenticity, but really give this piece great historical significance as a collectors item. The ratcheting system is positive and I can make it move precisely with firm resonate clicks. But take care I knocked the cuff on my wrist and it spun around and locked it instantly! These are not toys. Great historical item and for 'just in case'. Given these trying times, I would rather have them and not need them, than need them and not have them, in being aware of and abiding by the law of course!

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