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A fine example of German design, this reproduction of the original Bundeswehr 'German Army' sleeping pad also makes a comfortable sitting pad or backrest cushion in your ruck sack.

While looking for an improved sleeping system, the German Bundeswehr came up with these folding their sleeping pads. In a matter of seconds they are folded up and ready for slipping into your ruck sack to act as padding and additional pack stability. This foldable sleeping mat insulates you from the cold ground, and when it's time to move out, folds into a nice package and slips into your pack. This sleeping pad is actually designed to fit in the German Rucksack creating a supporting frame for the pack.

- 4.5cm x 28cm x 38cm Folded
- 56cm x 189cm Unfolded
- 4mm Thickness
Weight: 470grams
Condition: New - Commercial New Product (Non-Military issue). If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Decent peice of equipment


Fits snugly and compactly into the German Rucksack. Well made, and durable


Given how light the pack is, it does add a fair bit more weight. Having said that, it is still a very light package. It is also more for keeping you alive than comfortable. I have slept on a variety of surfaces in the past, I would say that it is like sleeping on a carpet or rug on the floor.


This is worth getting if you want a mat that does the job, no fuss, and does not take up a lot of room. I would recommend this if you are backpacking, and might need to camp on the ground for a night or two. It definitely favours utility over comfort, so perhaps practice sleeping on the floor for a few nights, to get used to the feel, and if you can put up with that, then you shouldn't go too far amiss. As far as providing better support for the pack, I did not notice much of a difference personally, but that may be more due to the nature of how and what I pack.

Part of the package

I just purchased 2 of the German ruck sacks for me and my wife. I tried the ruck without the sleeping mat insert is was fine but I put the slapping mat in and it made a huge difference. Definitely worth getting especially if you get the German tuck sack.

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