Dutch Army Multi-Layer Camo Jacket

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This jacket is a hybrid of both Dutch Army surplus and aftermarket gear. The jacket has 3 layers - first a genuine Dutch Army thermal layer, second a genuine Dutch Army waterproof layer, and last a quality reproduction Multicam outer jacket. Although the outer jackets are not genuine issue, some have seen unofficial use in theater with Dutch Army soldiers.

Firstly the thermal layer has a thick torso area made from a fluffy soft mod-acrylic fabric. The arms are made thin with 100% cotton and thick cuffs to allow for better movement in your elbow and to keep the cuff area insulated. Second the waterproof layer - you might be asking why is the waterproof layer on the inside? This layer is pivotal for survival and a tear could render the system useless. The waterproof layer is protected by the jacket and dampens any noise (polyamide sleeves rubbing against itself can be noisy) which is particularly useful when trying to maintain stealth and keeping dry. The only con with this is the jacket will get soaked. But your body will stay dry and your waterproof layer protected. Any of these layers can be added or removed at will with a simple buttoned system. The jacket itself has plenty of features ranging from chest/waist pockets, hook & loop patch areas and a loop at the back of the neck for hanging up your jacket. The front of the jacket has a full length storm flap secured with snap domes covering a zipper. All of this comes in a quality Multicamouflage rip-stop material.

Whether its just windy, cold, wet or a combination of all of the above, these Dutch jackets can adapt to suit your environment. The pattern makes them ideal for hunting, airsofting or everyday wear. Get prepared for any weather with one of these bad boys today!


  • Inner thermal & waterproof layer genuine Dutch Army surplus
  • All inner layers can be added/removed with buttoning system
  • New aftermarket 'Multi camo' jacket
  • 2 x Chest pockets (dual snap dome button secured)
  • 2 x Waist pockets (dual snap dome button secured)
  • 1 x Left shoulder pocket with Dutch flag (snap dome button secured)
  • Zip up front and full length snap dome storm flap
  • Snap dome adjustable cuffs
  • Hook & loop name tag and right shoulder patch area
  • Hook & loop epaulettes
  • Reinforced elbow area
  • Rip-stop jacket material

Sizing: The sizes are measured by chest size. To find your chest size, measure just below the armpits. For more information, check out our sizing guide.

Thermal layer - 100% Cotton sleeves/100% Mod-acrylic torso
Waterproof layer - 100% Polyamide
Jacket - 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton 
Weight: Approx 1.8kg
Colour: Multicamouflage pattern
(Inner layers) Used/Excellent - Item is near unused. There may be some minor signs of use or marks from storage.
(Multicamouflage jacket) New - Commercial New Product (Non-Military issue). If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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