Chinese Military 10 Pocket Chest Rig

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These Chinese Military SKS chest rigs are an iconic piece of kit mostly stirring memories of Vietcong from the Vietnam War. Produced in China throughout the war and the decade afterwards, these chest rigs have been produced in such a high number you will find them all over the planet.

They are a simple, straight forward functioning chest rig tooled for battle and designed with a 'good enough' mentality in mind. The chest rig has 10 equal sized pouches originally designed to contain SKS stripper clips. To open/close the pouches they have a very unique eastern toggle system. It has 2 over shoulder adjustable cross straps to secure the rig depending on your size. To fully secure the rig, it has a back strap that you simply tie in a loop to secure firmly.

Rugged and almost indispensable in number these have been well and truly battle tested for decades and are still in use today. There are much more premium chest rigs out there but these are a great cheap entry point and make for an interesting piece of history.



  • 10 SKS stripper clip sized pouches
  • Designed for 7.62mm x 39 bullet width but can fit other sizes as well
  • Unique Wooden Toggle Closure System on all Pockets
  • Adjustable heavy O.D. cotton canvas web shoulder straps that Have Leather Keepers
  • Individual pouch size 6cm L x 12cm H x 3cm W


Size: Fully adjustable
Weight: 450g
Content: Cotton canvas
Colour: Olive Drab
Condition: Used/Excellent - Item is near unused. There may be some minor signs of use or marks from storage. If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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