British Canvas Shoulder Bag

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Maea Mataiti
My opinion

exactly matches it's description a tough bag 👍 although I wouldn't recommend using it as a shoulder bag as it is uncomfortable, It lacks two L straps to basically turn it into a bag lol, but you'll probably find L straps on trade me somewhere, from what I know about these bags these are the Big pattern 37 bags NOT THE TYPICAL SMALLER BAGS WORN INTO COMBAT. I believe these were carried around when in marching order and I also believe these bags were made/ first used in 1908 part of the 08 pattern used during WW1 and carried on well into the 50s as I'm aware. my bag has a heap of names on the bag flap, some were probably previous soldiers and some were probably previous owners of the bag (post war use). I'm slowly starting up a WW2 impression of a 2nd NZEF soldier and will be using this for that.

Phill Dodds
British back pack

These are the bigger back pack from the 08 and 37 british ww1 and ww2 webbing. They are relatively large. The first one I brought was marked 09 which was a pleasant surprise.

Good lunch bag

Use this daily instead of a supermarket bag to take my lunch to work , should outlive me in it’s current role

chris johnson
big bag

This thing is quite big for what it is. Not a very comfortable wear either. Wouldn't recommend.

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