Austro-Hungarian Army WW1 Field Shovel

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*Note* These shovels vary a fair amount in colour, sharp/flat edges & length. Some have longer handles than others. These will be picked at random - please check the last picture for an example 

A shovel to surpass empires! It didn't take long for this one to outlive its own as Austro-Hungary dissolved at the end of World War I. That makes some of these shovels in excess of 100 years old. Most don't have date markings but the younger ones would likely be in-between the interwar period. When they were retired though is another question!

Some have been painted and repainted again and have seen a serious amount of work over the century. Commonly, the handles have been replaced, cut down or extended by soldiers to help them maneuver or dig easier. The shovels came with no edge from the factory but some have been sharpened by their former owners. Each one has its own scars or sometimes markings cut into the handle giving them plenty of character.

Definitely a relic, these would go great in a Austro-Hungarian collection but no doubt they can still shift plenty of soil yet!


  • Genuine Austro-Hungarian Army surplus
  • Wood & steel construction
  • Short handle for easy stowage
  • Old - up to a century old!


Dimensions: Approx 50-60cm L x 15.5cm W
Content: Wood and Metal
 Varying wood & metal colours
Condition: Used/Good -  Item is well used. There may be marks/stains/scratches or repairs, but it is still in functioning order. If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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Great collectors piece

The shovel I got was dated 1915 and in well used but still in good condition but considering its age about what you would expect very good deal

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