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*Note* We get asked quite often if these will fit US ALICE pack frames - easy answer is NO. These don't have the sleeve on the back that the frame would tuck into like the US versions.

Styled after the US ALICE pack design, the Austrian bag retains all the great features of the US one, while adding it's own benefits. The exterior features three large, general purpose pouches with drain holes. These pockets provide easy access to vital gear. The main compartment is very large, making it perfect for cramming in equipment that isn't as necessary to remove quickly.

Traditionally these packs came with ALICE straps that would hook into a belt, however this batch have come with a commercial strap that is designed to carry the pack stand alone. Take this great bag out camping, the main compartment and large pouches will be fantastic for storing food and sleeping gear. Makes for an awesome hunter or hiking pack. Another use for this pack is as a portable survival kit. You'll be able to fit lots of essential medical and emergency equipment inside.


  • Large main compartment
  • Quality shoulder straps
  • Three exterior pouches
  • Interior compression flap
  • Hard wearing material


Dimensions: 53cm H x 45cm W x 38cm D
Capacity: Approx 45 Litres
Weight: 1.2kg
Content: Nylon
Colour: Olive Drab
Pack: New/Unissued - Item has not been used and is in 'as new' condition. This may or may not be in original packaging. If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide
Straps: New - Commercial New Product (Non-Military issue). If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Devours gear

Just received this bag from A&O to replace my emergency go bag. Such an awesome bag!
Brand new, huge central compartment for heaps of gear with two compression flaps.
I've used the front section for my first aid kit and two good sized deep side sections too.
Buckles are sturdy and hold the buckles firmly but easy to undo.
Backpack handles work great sitting the bag high on the shoulders but I'll be using this as an evac go bag not for for tramping long distances.
The carry handle is also solid.
All up a fantastic bag, if you're looking for a good sized bag grab this one for yourself or as a gift!

Heaps of room

Took the bag out for a day hunt. It has tonnes if room for meat and gear. The pack does sit nice and high in your back but with the shoulder straps being so thin, it doesn't take long before they re digging into your shoulders which makes for an extremely long and painful trek out of the Bush.

Anthony Rice
Amazing pack, amazing value

For the price you won't find much better. Fits more than my 50l Osprey Rook and is just as comfortable without a belt. The straps are very comfortable despite not being overly padded. It sits up high and can take more than most people are willing to carry. This will be used as my bushcraft pack. Get one before they're gone.

Top value; better than you'll read about elsewhere

Came to write my review and see these are sold out - maybe I got the last one. If so, incredible good luck for me. These are awesome utility bags - might not want to take it for a 3 day hike as the harness etc would be an uncomfortable fit/carry, but there are so many things this bag is great for. I am using mine as my duck hunting bag, for spots where I have a walk to a maimai/spot. Perfectly comfortable for that, and capacious - thermos in one side pocket; ammo belt etc in front pocket; odds and ends in the other side pocket. Leaves heaps of room in main bag for spare clothes etc, and if need be to carry a bunch of ducks.

* It is BRAND NEW - amazing value for something unused
* The after-market harness with these is neat and easy to use - ignore the horror stories elsewhere if they are using the issue harness - its designed to work with the rest of the system. This 'bespoke' harness works great
* Really seems at least 50l in size - wide, squat main bag easier to pack
* I fold my rainjacket flat/square and put it in the internal pocket up the back - works as a sort of frame but especially padding
* Grab handle is thin but solid, so these make great 'grab bags' to chuck into truck etc
* The side loops are solid, but only really for hanging stuff, as they sit above the side pockets. Maybe could fold pocket flap out of the way and something long like a hatchet could had handle in pocket, use strap to secure it below head/blade
* The shape of the pack and the style of the harness means it can tip you back a bit, the centre of gravity can sit out from your body. Not a big deal for the use I have, and a bit of adjustment/packing could address it too. But I'd not like to walk 5 days with a heavy load in this - no hipbelt

Overall, rapt with purchase, quick service from Army and Outdoors too (and bonus if I got the last one!)

Dan F.

The customer service was superb and I got this pack shipped to me in just two working days.
Straps are questionable and could have been made longer but gets the job done.
Key features are the compartments which hold a LOT of space, sturdy structure and the drawstring system is quite easy to use.
It's rugged, keeps water out, holds your stuff well and is versatile with a decent amount of straps for you to attach ALICE gear to. I definitely recommend it. 👍👍👍

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