US Antarctic Bear Claw Mittens

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Andrew D'Crus
Bear mitten quality

Great kit, for those after period 70-80's kit or just functional dry snow mittens. These are great.

Andrew D'Crus
US Antarctic Bear Claw Mittens

Quality of these mittens is excellent. These will be excellent in very cold dry snow conditions.

Maea Mataiti
US Military Arctic Mittens

what appears to be US Military Extreme Cold weather mittens. Not sure the history behind these but are a well made glove, these gloves don't allow you to do much, however is a comfortable glove, it appears to have liners in them which you can easily remove and wash. It does appear to have warning instructions on the glove and also a stamp on mine in particular as 02. The pair I have seem to be matching as both have M written on both the gloves as well as another name written. Would recommend to wear some gloves under these if it is really cold. cheers

Peter Andrews

I don’t know how much these cost to make but there is a fair bit of good quality work and quality in them.I like having equipment that will do the job and these are strong and well made. You wouldn’t undo a knot or fix a watch while wearing these but they are a cool piece of gear

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