USGI 1L Canteen With Cover

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James Walker
Ideal water bottle and pouch for hiking.

Got this to attach to my pack waist strap and recently got another pouch for a separate belt, both for easy access while on the move. The bottle holds a good amount of water, is robust and seals well. No residual taste from the plastic. Pouch is well made and tough, ALICE clips hold it on the strap.
Very pleased.

Talitha Nathan
1L canteen with cover

Great size, my son loves it.
Speedy delivery too

Nalgene bottle...! You're kidding, right?

I have been using the genuine surplus US Army & Australian Army canteen sets for years. Suspension is via ALICE clips & the webbing is heavy duty. O.D. colour is versatile & discreet. Can be equipped with internal nesting (in pouch) USGI cup & stove for mess or cooking requirements in addition to hydration. Don't get creative, there is no substitute for a military canteen. There never has been & there never will be. Anyone who thinks a softy squishy nalgene bottle (or any other commercial, 'type' or other non-surplus substitute) canteen, or canteen cover, cup or stove is going to hack it in the field is kidding themselves. Water in the field should not be an after thought, especially in the desert where I camp, hike & once got lost! CONS: Internal insulation is not real wool anymore (noted). While there is a mini water purification tablet pouch on the cover which works well, unlike the similar era Australian Army canvas (camo) canteen pouch, this one lacks a generously sized external storage pouch for fuel tabs, lighter, etc. That said, I find this USGI one easier to use as a drinking container, as I have found the larger pouch on the Australian model can make it awkward to get your hands around the bottle when taking a drink. This is why I still rated this one 5 stars. Lastly its time these came complete with surplus stove & cup as well.

Super reliable

Needing hydration while doing adventure outdoor activities, you require a reliable water carrier, this canteen is fail safe, holds 1 litre, has enough for me drink as well as a healthy splash over my head on those crazy hot days, I can't fault it...has kept me going day to day...

very happy

USGI 1L Canteen With Cover very good

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