Italian Black Leather Cartridge Pouch

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These quality black leather pouches are of Italian origin and although similar to their WW2 design, we believe these are postwar. Designed to accept 2 Carcano charger clips, they can also fit other similar calibers. Even though these are an old design, the Italians have got these pouches done perfectly. A very sturdy but easy pull tab releases the lid so you can easily draw a new clip. A four sided metal casing is inserted in the leather pouch to give a consistent shape and draw every time. The back of the pouch has a sturdy leather loop so you can weave it onto your belt or webbing.

Italy has produced surplus of varied usefulness throughout the last century but these pouches are done right. If you do a bit of hunting these are perfectly suited to add an extra clip or two to your belt. 


  • Genuine Italian surplus
  • Real hardened leather material
  • 7cm belt loop
  • Quick access 'brass ball' lid closure
  • Back strap for attaching to gear
  • Sturdy design, great for protecting contents

Dimensions: 9cm H x 8cm W x 4cm D
Weight: 135g
Condition: Used /Good -  Item is well used. There may be marks/stains/scratches/mold or repairs, but it is still in functioning order. If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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