German Repro P08 Hard Shell Leather Holster

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The infamous Luger design saw trials with the German Army during 1901 - it saw fierce competition for adoption which it mostly won out with other sidearms serving alongside it during World War 1. By the time of the Second World War however, the Luger was superseded by the Walther P38 - but due to supply demand, the Luger continued to stay in service until wars end.

There were other holsters for this sidearm, but this model was made with a hardened leather shell for better protection. Knocks, sand, snow - these do a pretty good job for the time of keeping the elements out. A simple leather strap and buckle secures the flap firmly in place and keeps opportunistic souvenir hungry Allies away! A spare mag pouch adorns the front for reloads and dual belt loops on the rear allow easy mounting.

A great reproduction holster for any German WW2 reenactors, airsoft players, period film productions or Luger enthusiasts!


  • World War 2 reproduction
  • Hard shell design for great protection
  • Carries a P08 Luger
  • Spare mag pouch on the front
  • Leather construction
  • Strap buckle opening
  • Dual 6cm rear belt loops 
  • Internal tool pouch

     Approx 24cm H x 18cm W x 4cm D
    Weight: Approx 0.37kg
    Content: Leather with metal parts
    Colour: Black
    Condition: New - Commercial New Product (Non-Military issue). If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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