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Maea Mataiti
Day pack review

I believe these bags come off of the Larger PLCE rucksack. Good quality British Army Surplus bag, perfect for carrying a small load, Not the most comfortable and stylish but you cant complain with surplus gear. Cheap and affordable.

I think it will be buried with me

Bought this pack cause I don't like buying new stuff, some 11 or 12 years ago and its still going strong. I've ripped a strap and stitched it back on with a machine, thought it might die but its as good as new. Just don't chuck it in the washing machine like I did and end up losing the water proofing. Probably the best 14 bucks i ever spent

Gus kohu
Great quality bag

I've bought 4 of these little bags 2-day packs like this one and another 2 without the sewn-on yoke which I zipped together, and I think they are absolutely fantastic. They're a sturdy and in my honest opinion quite fashionable little daypack perfect for your everyday outing, day trip or often in my case for use as a small school bag. Being ~10L they definitely force you to consider what you actually need and for me greatly reduced the number of unnecessary items I'd find myself carrying. Despite this however, I could just about cram my laptop and schoolwork or everything I'd need for an overnight stay at a mate’s quite easily. After a significant amount of abuse the yoke and bag eventually degraded for my first bag however, this wasn't an issue since I now use it as a convenient and compact way of storing the hundreds of pages worth of schoolwork I've accumulated. These packs are also priced perfectly and from all the compliments and convenience they've given me are probably the best surplus purchase I've made.

Mark Haughton

Ha! Seeing this brings back memories! back in '91 in the first Gulf War, we were issued all this stuff. We used to zip the 2 side pouches together from the bergen and use the yoke to make a day sack. We used to carry our NBC suit and boots round in it. Then we realised we didn't need both pouches, so we bastardised one pouch to fit the yoke. Smaller pack to carry. We always had to have our rifle, gas mask and NBC suit with us, so anything we could do to carry less was a plus! Wonder if you're selling any of our old stuff!

Handy shooting bag

I have a couple of these, work good as a range bag or fill with beanbag polystyrene balls and use as a light weight shooting rest for off of baracade or a rear bag while tripod shooting at longrange matches

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