Brazil Army Jungle Hammock & Basha

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*Does not include sleeping bag, tent poles or bottom loop chords pictured* These don't have an official weight capacity. General feedback and evidence from the Brazilian Army points towards using poles (not provided) threaded through the chords near the base to help stabilize the hammock as well as distribute weight away from the eyelets. Without this added these won't support any weight above approx 85kgs.

These hammocks and Basha's were originally designed for the Brazilian Army as having tents in the Amazon jungle is often not an option. The ability to keep your 'camp' off of the forest floor and be able to pitch it almost anywhere in jungle environments is a must if you are camping in these sorts of areas.

To hang one of these up there are 2 main chords of generous length that can be tied around local tree trunks. The base of the hammock has 8 loops that you can thread additional (not included) chords through to stretch out/distribute weight further. The hammock has a fully enclosed double mesh liner with 3 chords at each end. When tied to supporting trees correctly the mesh liner will provide plenty of space to operate within. The double mesh layers will keep out the originally intended invaders such as spiders, snakes and mosquitos but the mesh might just be large enough (approx 1.5mm x 1mm) to let small insects in - bare this in mind. To enter there is a zipper running along the base along with a arm sized loop hole incase you need to grab something outside without getting up. To top it all off the hammock comes with a stand alone Basha complete in 'Lizard camo' to both protect from light showers and mask your location. It comes with 8 chords attached to D-rings for attaching to local trees or tent poles and also has snap domes along its edges if you want to fold it in half.

All of this packs down into a bag roughly the size of your average sleeping bag. Whether you want a hammock for the casual get away or try out some serious camping/hunting in harsh jungle environments, these are an absolute bargain! 


  • Double layer mesh screen to keep creepy crawlies out - 3 support chords at each end
  • Includes water resistant Basha with 8 support chords
  • Single heavy duty chord at each end to support the main hammock
  • Hammock has 8 loops around the edge if you wish to stretch it out/support the weight further (no additional chords included)
  • Zipper entry with mesh loop hole (can poke your arm through if you need to grab something outside)
  • Completely covered in Brazilian 'Lizard' camo to help your campsite blend into its surroundings
  • Separate zipper accessible layer on the bottom of hammock for extra storage space or adding any padding

Hammock base layer: 196 L x 68cm W x 60cm H
Basha: 260cm L x 210cm W
Packed size: 38cm L x 21cm diameter
 Approx 2.8kg
Content: 100% Polyamide
Colour: Brazilian Lizard Camo
Condition: New - Commercial New Product (Non-Military issue). If you want more information on our condition ratings, check out our condition guide

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Pretty good set up

First hammock I've bought, it was as a cheap replacement for my old tent. Definitely worth it.

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